Scope Art Fair. Switzerland, 2012

An encounter with one of Salustiano’s paintings is an encounter with a human version of the late Benoît Mandelbrot’s fractals, a striking experience through

which the viewer will dive into him or herself through the open windows that are those captivating eyes, unveiling one layer of thoughts after the other.

A passer-by in a hurry will wonder what the figure is thinking, what are the reasons behind the feelings expressed by its eyes, trying to determine where he is being invited to go. But if this passer-by takes but just one second to take a closer look, he will realize that he is not looking at ‘someone’, but rather facing a surprisingly red mirror of his or her own soul – past, present and future. Mature and serene, these artworks enable us to take time exploring ourselves, acting as a reminder that what is really important deserves that we dedicate time to it rather than being thunder-struck for a short while before going back to our busy lives – without having really learnt anything from the experience.

A painting by Salustiano is an invitation to a journey through oneself, an exploration of one’s deepest feelings, emotions and ambitions. Apart from the almost-mythological figure of the hermit, or the rare case of the Buddha, human beings are unable to live strictly on their own and by themselves. But at the end of the day, and even though we are deeply influenced by those surrounding us, when facing the necessity to make a choice we realize that we are alone in taking decisions about our own lives.
By often choosing pre-juvenile models, the artist enables himself to depict emotions and feelings at their purest, making us begin the journey by realizing how much life steals away purity and innocence as it unfolds; but also how these are progressively replaced by wisdom and knowledge of self and the world we live in.