ART STAGE SINGAPORE. Singapore, 2012.

The Gallery Frank Pages will be participating to Art Stage Singapore 2012. For his first appearance Frank Pages will bring the 20o0 Nobel Price for Literature recipient

GAO Xingjian back to Singapore. The Singapore Art Museum had hosted Gao’s first retrospective exhibition in Asia in 2005. In 2007 the SAM hosted a second exhibition “Gao Xingjian in Singapore” , Gao then donated his masterpiece Day and Night to the museum. Also on display major works of british pop-art artist Allen Jones, such as an outstanding large painting which was on display at the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Art London. Shown for the first time in Asia, Russian painter Igor Oleinikov with large scale paintings, an outstanding oil and pencil portrait on canvas. French Philippe Pasqua will be represented with painting, photography and sculpture. For the first time Frank Pages will be showing spanish painter Salustiano, whose amazing portraits on radiant red background have been very much noticed.